Happy new year! 2019 is finally here and I have some New Year’s resolutions!

like I said 2019 is finally here and at the beginning of every year we all hope to have resolutions that we uphold. I know sometimes we don’t always uphold our New Year’s resolutions but I strive to always be on top of my resolutions because I take them very serious. it’s like making a promise to yourself and I never want to let myself down so you guys should totally have some resolutions for yourself to uphold or you could just take a look at my resolutions and maybe learn from them haha. I hope everyone has a great 2019 and good things come to you in the future it’s going to be a great year for all of us!




hey guys what’s up! thank you for coming to my website and this video is about unboxing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Mystery Box Edition. First I’m going to start by telling you a little bit of the background of me getting this Mystery Box Edition and tell you some things that I couldn’t add to the video because it would make it too long.

okay so I pre-ordered this thing a couple months ago and I was really excited for this to come out. I’ve been thinking about it so much and it’s finally here! I pre-ordered it at Best Buy and when I went to go pick it up, I got the Xbox version when I really wanted the PC version. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything for me to switch it,  but I wasn’t bummed out about it because I really wanted this just for the mystery box. So I ended up on a bit of a journey after this lol! Once Best Buy told me that there were no more in stock for the PC version, I then started calling GameStop stores and one after another after another, they all were sold out or didn’t have any at all. I did get lucky with one GameStop,  the guy that answered the phone said what he could do for me is take the Call of Duty game out of the box and supposedly GameStop and Best Buy have the same SKU numbers that I could return it for a full refund and then buy the PC version for the game so I don’t have to spend another $60 (basically an even swap). so I would still end up keeping the mystery box but just returning the game and getting the one for the PC.

I was actually amazed when he said that because all the other GameStop people were extremely rude. I called one GameStop and I asked if they had the Collector’s Edition and the guy is screaming at me “I do not have this!”  “I do not have this!” I’m like “dude chill out I don’t know why you’re yelling at me I’m just asking a simple question”. I could have easily told the guy off, but honestly it’s not even worth my time. I just said thanks and called the next place. so GameStop was a terrible experience LOL (except for that one guy).

To make a long story short, I ended up Googling some stuff about Call of Duty and I came across a PC version at Walmart and I called them up and they said yes we only have one left and you got it and I’m like YESSSSSSS!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! GO ME GO ME GO ME!!! hahaha I was really excited!

Now you’re probably wondering why did I go out of my way to get the PC version. Well I was really happy just getting the mystery box but I also wanted the in-game goodies as well such as the in-game gun skins so the other people I’m playing with know I have the collector’s edition. Now I have 2 collector’s edition one for myself and another eventually I’m going to sell. Hope you guys enjoy this little story of mine. I couldn’t add it in the video because it would be like 30 minutes long. Enjoy the video and like And subscribe please!

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Hey! I want to let you know what I’ve been up to.

so first off I just want to start off by saying hello! I know it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve made a video but I don’t want you to think that I’ve gone anywhere haha. I’ve been really busy focusing on my clothing line, and the responsibilities that come with it. It’s been pretty hectic you know finding out all the things that you need to do and all the mistakes that you make along the way trying to even out the Kinks. This has been a big part of my journey to run this business and hopefully making it a successful one. So as of now I’ve been doing a lot of different things changing out clothing designs and I’m actually revamping the website and it’s going to look way more professional! if you run into any problems on my website just give me a couple more days, we’re just doing some Renovations haha.

so other than running my online business, I’ve been doing alright, I’m not going to lie I’m pretty drained, ha. it’s just a multitude of things especially it being really hot out the sun drains me. so I had a really bad UTI and I was on super duper antibiotics for like almost a month and it sucked Major League because I couldn’t really sit in the Sun and I had a lot of bowel issues. so if you’re wondering when you’re on antibiotics you can’t be in the sun because it basically makes your skin really sensitive to the Sun but thankfully, I get tan. Also, when you take antibiotics your prone to get a lot of diarrhea, which sucks because I’m a prisoner to my house. Thankfully the last week has been alright, so I think I’m starting to turn the corner. The last 2 months up till now has been a real pain in the ass, lol no pun intended haha. I was on oral antibiotics and I also had to go to the urologist 3 days a week to get two different injectable antibiotics which are really strong. oh I forgot to add that I got all my wisdom teeth pulled out aswell haha, I guess you could say I’ve been very busy.  so I guess enough about doctors and a little bit more about what I’m going to do now.

so I know it’s been about… I think 15 days since I’ve made a video and I think I have an idea of what I want to make it about. so recently I just surpassed 1000 subscribers on YouTube which is amazing! so I’m leaning towards making a video about that also I want to make a video about maybe talking about what I want to go to college for. so you’ll see the video once I release it haha. but I’m going to end here, I hope everyone has a good rest of the night and see you next time.