again this video goes out to everyone that has been so kind and wonderful towards me all the people that voted me in for spread the cheer all the people at AT&T all the people that help creative this video all the people that led me on this path to making this possible I couldn’t of asked for a better gift in life. Everything that’s happened in the last year I will carry with me for the rest of my life and I will never forget it and I will always be trying to give back to others as AT&T gave back to me. This is a real highlight of my life I’ve been getting tons of messages and every single one of them has been really amazing and inspiring and I am responding to every one of them because this is really important to me and I don’t want to cheat out anyone who went out of their way to message me! I hope you enjoy this thank you video!

Hey everybody I made a new video a couple days ago about depression and life lessons!

So this video is about overcoming depression and suicide which is prevalent among people in wheelchairs and able bodied people. Also this video was inspired by a person I met at a festival who volunteers at a self injury support center, so this video is dedicated to them. To me this is a important subject because I myself battled depression once I was first injured. At the start of my injury I was extremely humble and happy to be alive but it wasnt until I came home the first time permanently. I was so used to having nurses, doctors, and other patients (which I considered friends) around me that I never knew what it was like to have only 4 walls and no company in my life. I was happy to finally be back home thinking i would be surrounded by family and friends but that wasnt the case unfortunately. My mom finally had enough of disheartening events, she mustard up her energy, strength and life savings to fly herself and I to California to an alternative type of physical therapy which changed my life for eternity. I gained a lot of weight, I even got my confidence back along with being physically and mentally stronger, I couldnt of asked for a better detox of bad vibes and disparity but like all good things come to a end. Finally after 8 months of staying out in Cali it was time to depart and face the music… our funds diminished and our spirits high we made a cross country road trip all the way back to good ole New Jersey. At first we were homeless but thankfully I have rockstar grandparents who took us in! We were only supposed stay with my grandparents for 3 months until we could find our own place but 3 months turned into 4 years. I then started falling back into mild depression thinking to myself what now? I contemplated different ideas to try and make some type of money. It wasnt so much about money but about productivity, I came up with different ventures that ill get into. I created a inventors company so I can come up with inventions and send them to legal zoom directly but I came into financial problems to fund my creations. I ventured a little bit more into this business idea but ultimately failed. My next business venture was a handicap accessible van rental company but again financial issues occurred, here are some examples- finding an insurance company to insure me and getting the funds to fix a current van that I own to be in tip top shape, to be able to actually run, again stuck in a xroads so I had to abandon these ideas or even these dreams of mine. I went back to the drawing board and I asked myself “JD Guerrieri what are your best attributes” and it was a eureka moment! I’m a excellent conversationalist, so I thought where can this get me in life? at the same time I really wanted to give back to the community that saved my life so I called the rehabilitation hospital I stayed at the first 5 months of my injury and asked if they have any type of volunteer programs that would only require speaking lol and they said yes we do! I was ecstatic! I thought to myself ,”a-ha!” I found my niche and I realized that these business ventures werent failures but life lessons and experiences. I’m glad to say I at least tried and that i will use the knowledge I’ve learned to benefit me throughout my future…… and the rest is history! so check out my video =)